Typology domain

I began this project by trying to understand the key themes within my work, aiming to correlate objects that related to this theme. I started thinking of objects I owned that well represented my interests as well as secondary objects I'd need to get photos of to help explain my domain.

However, I felt confused so created a Venn diagram to help compartmentalise my ideas into: what was about me, the domain I'm working within and the field surrounding me.

This led to my first ideas of my typology, where I initially used words so that I could translate my previous workings into a more typological format.

Then developed into images:

However, this is far too broad and covers almost all of my interests than my practice specifically. It was a good start to see what section I wanted to focus on the most, as I have been struggling with what themes I enjoy and want to take forward at this moment within my practice.

In refining this I made a second image typology domain:

At the centre I put the type of ceramics I am most interested in - sculptural and decorative vessels. I explored various routes of interests surrounding my interest in ceramics and textural decoration, also attempting to relate my current work into the typology to further my own (and others) understanding of where I think my own work fits within this domain.

However, again, this is too broad and also only explores ceramics AS ceramics. It doesn't really go into the more in depth themes behind my work, as opposed to my surface themes 'texture', 'form' etc.

From this I developed my third image typology domain:

Here I tried to focus on what my work was about in a less literal way. Instead of looking at my works and objects that inspire me in a physical manner, I delved further into what I think the pieces are about or trying to say. My interest lies in people - exploring emotions, connections and the body. Currently, I'm trying to make works that people can connect to by projecting their own experiences onto the characters I make. I want to represent an emotion within my works and have people empathise with what the figure is feeling.

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