Typology domain presentations

Although a long day, it was really nice to see what everyone's work was about and different inspirations. When presenting mine, I tried to reiterate that I had used this project as a journey to discover my typology domain and true concept rather than completely exploring everything in my field. I plotted my ideas in different formats to help understand what my work is about, refining it with each new diagram. The feedback I recieved was positive and were avenues to explore:

  • Where I am at now is not static and can change - I don't need to stress and try and figure out what I'm going to do forever within this project

  • Boundary lines

  • Empathy - projected emotions. Anthropomorphising, can I find objects that show these feelings/are intended to? Could be other artists works or objects in general. e.g. someone else who tries to show 'struggle' within their work.

  • Portraiture exploration and critical literature around it - how we see ourself in portraiture.

  • Could look at the psychology behind - anything that triggers empathy within others?

My next steps:

Following the feedback, I plan to look into critical writing surrounding portraiture to understand more about why we relate to faces/human-like forms and try to find faces within other objects (like the moon). Furthermore, I need to do more research into other artists that try to evoke emotions within their viewers.

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