Weaving into ceramic

Updated: Jan 24

In finishing this object, considering various options of materials that could be weaved through the holes.

I was inspired by the decorative patterns created by Jennifer Zurick in her baskets. I want to create a decorative pattern that wraps around my vessel, weaving in and out of the holes I added to the surface.

I want the woven element to be patterned and decorative. I considered doing a straight weave through the holes but this could look too simple for the effect I want to create. I also tested an alternative looping weave which I found in the book 'Weaving. Methods Patterns and Traditions of an Ancient Art' by Christina Martin. However this wasn't effective and just looked like a cluster of threads instead of a pattern.

I wanted to create a pattern within my weave so therefore I explored macrame - this allows me to create patterns and shape within the 'weaved' strands and also would come away from the vessel and flow down onto the surface it sat on. This would effectively represent the passing on of knowledge (as weaving in Mayan culture is the passing on of knowledge from mother to daughter) as it seeps out of the vessel and onto whatever it sits on, flowing away from the vessel and towards you as an onlooker. I researched a few 'how-to' tutorials on YouTube to learn how to start a macrame pattern as well as the types of knots uses.

Long strip of cardboard = same amount of holes as on my vessel.

This was far more successful and would work well on the surface of my vessel. Nevertheless, I want to use a different material to weave with as the yarn doesn't show the detail of the knots due to the loose fibres. It is important for these to be seen as the knotting process is an integral element to macrame and serves as the primary decorative element. The variety of knots within the 'weave' is what adds the decoration, so I want them to be visible on my ceramic piece.

Material considerations to replace yarn:

- Leather cord

- Raffia

- Rope/string

- Fabric scraps

I want the weaved element to be colourful, just as Mayan weaving is. Will look at the colours of these materials available and possibly explore dying them if necessary.

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