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Updated: Jan 8

Found through the newsletter sent out every week. Annual exhibition open to all levels of student at UAL.

Selected Xhibit artists receive personalised feedback from the selection panel, personalised exhibition-making experience, curatorial guidance, installation knowledge, exhibition exposure, professional development, a place in our yearly Xhibit catalogue and critical feedback on your work as well as securing a place in the longest running open call exhibition opportunity for students at UAL.”

- Arts-su.com. 2021. Xhibit. [online] Available at: <https://www.arts-su.com/creative/xhibit/> [Accessed 30 December 2021].

Exhibitions are a crucial part of artist practice and are a great way for my work to be seen. Due to covid, I didn’t get a degree show for my BA work so exhibiting while at UAL would be a beneficial experience to my creative practice and beginning of my career. I applied using my ‘Woven Vase’ ceramic made for the foundations and transformations project. I took some better photographs of my work and edited them in photoshop to get a clean background and finish.

Below is what I wrote in my application.

In writing about the vase:

This vase questions the value of traditional craft practices within modern western society. Inspired by the ‘Corn Dolly’ in the UAL ILEA Collection, it’s small enough to be used in the everyday home, but contrasts functionality with sculpture. Domestic items in the ILEA collection are treated completely differently to their intended purposes, with mugs held by both hands and latex gloves instead of by their handles. Often these objects are viewed as less valuable due to their common and commercial nature, but once placed in a gallery or museum, new contexts offer a higher value.

The Corn Dolly was likely something made and owned by a family, thus holding sentimental rather than monetary value. By putting it within the ILEA Collection, it becomes a piece of history and a precious artefact. In making the basket out of ceramic instead of traditional wheat, it makes the vase heavier yet more fragile, changing how it must be handled and interacted with. This reflects on the relationship between weight and value, with heavier objects perceived as more valuable. Manipulating a material to look like another, especially with baskets seen as functional and not particularly valuable, questions such ideas of worth and purpose. Traditional crafts, such as basketry, require a high level of skill but ‘craft’ is frequently seen as cheap. This vase reflects on such perceptions and invites the viewer to question their own biases.

In writing about myself and my practice:

As an artist and designer-maker, I create sculptural forms that draw inspiration from historical objects as well as current events and contemporary art. My work focuses on reflecting experiences and events through ceramics, using texture and surface decoration to tell stories, while also making pieces that people are drawn to touch. I employ various methods and techniques to achieve my desired finish, with a focus on hand-built forms and maximalist surfaces.

In writing about why I would benefit from the opportunity:

Graduating in summer 2021, I didn't get a degree show and so want to showcase some of my more recent work. This would be the first public exhibit of my work and so a great opportunity for my work to be seen by other artists and art enthusiasts. Furthermore, I visited Preston Fitzgerald at one of his shows (top ceramics collector in London) and he mentioned he’d love to come and see some of my work in exhibition, so it would be amazing to have a space within UAL that he could visit. I frequently post on my website and Instagram account about my work so it would be a great chance for those that follow along to view my work in real life rather than just through a screen.

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